Welcome to Product Launch Labs, a podcast all about matching innovative solutions with market problems.  It doesn’t matter if we work with startups or big companies, taking new products to market can be most rewarding, but also most challenging experiences of our careers.  We at Venturis Partners want to share solutions to what we call the solvable, knowable problems based on the best practices offered by our guests.  They’ve learned these best practices by successfully launching products, even if that meant pushing through the unexpected challenges along the way.  This podcast will share stories from real world product launches from discovery of urgent market problems to product launch and market feedback.  Guests will include executives, product managers, entrepreneurs, architects, and developers.  We will cover the stories of how they (and the companies they work with) got started, the tough pivots they battled through, and the triumphant moments.  Product Launch Labs mission is to share the lessons our guests learned so you can focus on what differentiates your products during launch instead.

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